Early Care & Education Committee

The purpose of any Commission committee is to assist the Commission of directors to govern more efficiently.  A Commission committee is not designed to do staff work.  Committees are used to investigate, deliberate and analyze special issues on behalf of the Commission.
First 5 staff oversee the early care and education focus area in the Commission’s strategic plan and create a work plan each year describing the objectives and implementation activities to be accomplished to achieve the strategic plan goals.  The Early Care and Education (ECE) Committee was created to support the development and execution of this plan.

The role of the ECE Committee is to provide input to First 5 staff and Commissioners on the ECE plan. The ECE committee is comprised of 3 Commissioners, 4 Advisory Board members and supported by First 5 Staff.  The quorum shall be 4 members with a minimum of 2 commissioners.

Duties of the ECE Committee:

  • Review annual First 5 ECE draft plan with staff and suggest changes to ensure the plan meets the First 5 Strategic Plan goals and objectives and is attainable with projected staffing and funding levels
  • Support First 5 staff with analysis and insights to refine the plan, make mid-year adjustments, and study specific project issues
  • Report to the Commission on the plan, offering recommendations or suggestions as appropriate
  • Review, and forward to the Commission for recommendation, Early Care and Education Expansion projects put forward by staff that meet the program criteria.

The committee meets quarterly to review the plan for the coming year, and to provide input to staff throughout the year. Additional committee meetings may be scheduled as necessary throughout the year.

Minutes are kept of all ECE Committee meetings.  Any recommendations developed by the committee are taken up by the Commission at the next scheduled Commission meeting.

Committee Lead:
Eileen Monahan, Early Care and Education Manager

Early Care & Education Committee Meetings

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Meeting Locations


Participation by Teleconference pursuant to Government Code Section 54953(b), will be available at the following location:

First 5 Santa Barbara County Conference Room

218 Carmen Lane, Suite 111, Santa Maria

First 5 Santa Barbara County Conference Room

5385 Hollister Avenue, Bldg. 10, Suite 110, Santa Barbara

ECE Committee Agenda April 5 2017

Upcoming Meetings