Fiscal Committee

The role of the Fiscal Committee is to assist the full Commission in understanding fiscal issues pertinent to the work of the Commission. The Fiscal Committee does not relieve the full Commission of the responsibility or liability to monitor the financial status of the organization. The committee meets on an as-needed basis.

Duties of the Fiscal Committee:

  • Review the proposed agency budget prior to it being presented to the full Commission.
  • Assist the Executive Director in presenting the proposed budget to the full Commission for approval
  • Review the results of the annual audit of the organization’s financial records
  • Recommend investment policies to the Commission
  • Review the ten year financial plan with the annual fiscal statements to ensure stability
  • Participate in fiscal strategic planning
  • Recommend an auditor to the full Commission.
  • Assist the auditor to make a report to the full Commission.
  • Report to the Commission on other financial matters as deemed appropriate by the Commission.

Fiscal Committee Meetings

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Meeting Locations

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