Grants to Community Agencies and Nonprofits


Family Support – $1,140,000

Family Support grants support a network of family resource centers (FRC) that directly serve families throughout the County. A Family Support grant also funds Welcome Every Baby (WEB), which provides as a nurse home visit for newborns and their families in Lompoc, the Santa Ynez Valley, and South Santa Barbara County and provides linkages to additional supports for high needs families.

Guadalupe Family Resource Center*  $ 173,000
Santa Maria-Bonita School District Family Resource Center Services **  $ 329,000
Department of Social Services – Cuyama Family Resource Center Services  $ 51,000
Family Service Agency – Lompoc & Santa Barbara Family Resource Center Services  $ 200,000
Santa Ynez Valley People Helping People Family Resource Center Services  $ 60,000
Isla Vista Youth Projects Family Resource Center Services  $ 58,000
Carpinteria Children’s Project at Main Family Resource Center Services  $ 69,000
SBCEO Welcome Every Baby )Lompoc, SY Valley, Goleta, Santa Barbara, Carp) $ 217,000

NOTE: In North County nurse home visits for newborns are provided by Marian Regional Medical Center.  With First 5 funding listed above, the FRCs in Guadalupe and Santa Maria subcontract with Child Abuse Listening and Mediation (CALM) to conduct follow-up home visits with families who need additional support. *In addition to services provided directly by the Guadalupe Family Resource Center, First 5 funds listed above also support subcontracts with CALM, Santa Maria Youth and Families Center, and SB County Education Office. **The Santa Maria-Bonita School District uses First 5 funds listed above to support subcontracts for direct services with Santa Maria Youth and Family Center, CALM, and Fighting Back Santa Maria

Early Care Education – Preschool & Child Care Quality Improvement Grants – $557,000

Quality Improvement grants support strategies that assess, improve, and rate the quality of child care programs. Funded agencies provide coaching, training, and educational support to teachers; help programs achieve National Accreditation; cover expenses tied to quality improvement.  Efforts focus on building Programmatic and professional expertise in the ECE field to support families and to meet the needs of diverse populations such as children who are dual language learners.

Santa Barbara County Education Office $ 185,000
Children’s Resource and Referral $ 135,000
Los Angeles Universal Preschool for Training $ 47,000
Progressive Early Assessments Contracts to Rate QRIS Programs $ 90,000
Mini-Grants to ECE Programs to Cover the Cost of Quality Improvement $ 100,000

Early Care Education – Preschool & Child Care Spaces Grants – $189,000

Spaces grants support new licensed preschool and child care spaces. In some cases the Commission made matching funds available where other funders covered 2/3 of the cost of creating the new spaces.

Children’s Resource and Referral $ 77,000
Santa Maria-Bonita School District $ 75,000
SBCEO Santa Maria Cal-Safe Infant Spaces for Teen Moms $ 37,000
Systems Change, Capacity Building, and Communications Grants – $176,162

Systems Change grants support efforts that expand services for children 0-5 and their families and make those services more effective and accessible. Capacity Building grants support training, technical assistance, and organizational strengthening activities. Communications Co-Sponsorships (up to $2,000) help support outside agencies, nonprofits, and community organizations with events that focus on outreach and education for families and training and professional development for programs and providers.

Systems Change Grants

SBCEO Oral Health Collaborative $ 30,000
SBCEO CSEFEL Coordination and Expansion $ 30, 000
Community Action Commission – 211 Helpline $ 30,000
People Helping People – Family Friend and Neighbor Quality Improvement $ 30,000

Capacity Building Grants

Isla Vista Youth Projects – Standards of Quality in Family Support Training $ 3,100
THRIVE Carpinteria – Friends Program Planning $ 3,063
 Guadalupe Family Resource Center – Reorganization $ 5,000
Transition House – Brazelton Touchpoints Training $ 5,000
THRIVE Santa Barbara County – Redesign $ 5,000
 Promotores – Training $ 5,000
 Antioch University – Nature Based Education Scholarships $ 5,000
 UCSB Children’s Center – Learning Stories Leadership Training $ 4,999

Communication Cosponsorships

All $20,000