Funded Agencies

FY 15-16 FUNDED PROGRAMS – $2,631,647

Family Support – $1,155,000

First 5 provides leadership, coordination and training for a network of funded and non-funded community-based family support programs, known as Family Resource Centers (FRCs) throughout the county that provide direct services and links to services for families. The FRCs support families to be emo-tionally healthy, to provide safe and nurturing environments for their children and to participate in their child’s early learning. In addition, First 5 funded FRCs work in partner-ships with Child Welfare Services and other agencies to pre-vent child abuse and neglect across the county through the Differential Response-Front Porch Project. First 5 also sup-ports 2-1-1 access to families of young children and targeted funding to Emerald Wave for parent education to families speaking Mixtec.

Alpha Resource Center  $ 47,960
Carpinteria Unified School District  $ 66,665
Family Service Agency  $ 306,777
Community Action Commission  $ 166,666
Santa Maria-Bonita School District  $ 306,830
Dept of Soc Svcs-Cuyama Fam Res Ctr  $ 48,987
Welcome Every Baby  $ 209,503
Health Insurance & Access – $150,000 For Children

First 5 is committed to supporting the Children’s Health Initia-tive to promote outreach and enrollment coverage for Medi-Cal, Healthy Families and Healthy Kids.

Early Care Education – $925,000

The First 5 Santa Barbara County Early Care and Education Divi-sion (ECED) collaborates with community partners to increase the availability of high quality early care and education services for all children in the county. First 5 staff and partners offer direct services to child care programs to improve quality through the Preschool and Child Care Quality Counts program. Which includes support for teaching staff to obtain higher edu-cation degrees and specialized training. First 5 also promotes greater access to high quality child care spaces through the Preschool and Child Care Expansion project, providing matching funds for scholarships and community-driven projects that in-crease the number of spaces available to low, moderate and middle income families.

Funded partners for 2015-2016:
Children’s Resource and Referral of Santa Barbara County,
Santa Barbara County Child Care Planning Council.

Early Care and Education Quality $ 523,000
Preschool Expansion Project $ 300,000
Capacity Building & Systems Change – $170,000

The Systems Change & Capacity Building grants address the Commission’s fourth goal which states that “Children and their Families have a system of accessible, community-based services and support available.” These grants do not fund direct services, but instead assure that families and children have services that are accessible, and that these services are done in a high quality manner. In addi-tion, services funded under this area increase and pro-mote the importance of the first 5 years of life, increase the advocacy and commitment for the needs of children and families and ensure that services funded through First 5 are sustainable.

211 Line $28,440
  Contribution to SB County wide resource referral line

Two year Systems Change grants

Ventura-Santa Barbara Counties Dental

Care Foundation $ 30,000
Santa Ynez People Helping People $ 30,000


Capacity Building grants:

Good Samaritan Shelter $ 5,000
Guadalupe USD $ 5,000
SB County Education Office-CSEFEL $ 5,000
SB County Educ Office-Fam Resource Ctr $ 5,000
SB County Educ Office-Health Linkages $ 5,000